Check Test Training

Supporting your “Continuous Professional Development” CPD

We realise everyone can always learn more! Let us support your training by developing your skills, in order that you have the opportunity to achieve a Grade A Instructor.

As a fully qualified instructor or fleet trainer you will need to be assessed by the DSA on a regular basis to determine that you are still of a standard and fit to instruct. It is important you represent your knowledge, as well as the way you teach to your very best. You should be a Grade A or B to pass your check test. approximately 30% of ADI’s achieve the grade A.


As part of our support to ADI’s  – there are two options open for this training:

Option One — In-car training

Using your vehicle or ours, we want you to be comfortable in your learning environment. Training sessions will last from 2hrs up to 6hrs. Depending on your current skill base this may be with or without a pupil.

We will accommodate your needs.


Option Two — An observer on lessons

By allowing us to sit in on the back of your lessons, we can assess your teaching style and pupil interaction.  We are non- judgemental in our approach to support our common GRADE goal. We can discuss how the lessons went and how to best develop your individual training technique, or you can receive more direct training depending on your training needs. We target your skill gap rather than changing your overall approach. Your personality and confidence is important to you. Let us grow your skills

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