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Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers can be printed and sent out by mail or emailed.

What do you get for your 17th birthday? Gift Vouchers for Driving Lessons.

What do you get the child who has dreamed of Driving since they were little?

A provisional driving license?

A non alcoholic Party with friends accompanied by family?

Oh it is a real dilemma?

Not anymore with our option of Midnight Driving Lesson on the stroke of MIDNIGHT on their BIRTHDAY. They will receive a driving lesson, Photo, Certification of Authenticity signed by their instructor as we as an experience that they never expected.

Or you can simply by a Gift Voucher for a Block of Lessons.

Valid on their 17th Birthday 00:01* With a Certification of authenticity signed by your instructor.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

What You Get !

1 hour or 1.5 hour beginner’s lesson

Photo on arrival at 11.30pm

Full Briefing of Dual Controls

Your questions answered

Your first experience of DRIVING on the UK roads

Signed Certification of Achievement

Full Copyright of your photo, so you can make as many copies as you can handle within 24hours

Legally drive on the UK roads (will be depending on ability & confidence to complete)


What You Need

Provisional License

No alcohol/drug consumption prior to lesson

Legally fit and health to drive as per the Law


What You Have To Do

Be in possession of a valid Provisional Driving License as is Law

Be able to read a legal car number plate within the required test standard

Comply with all legal requirements as is Law.

Wear glasses if prescribed to do so

Pay for in advance

Comply & co-operate with the Driving Instructors request

A keepsake photo of yourself or family and your very own copyright to copy yourself and distribute to Grans and Granddads family and friends abroad, display on Facebook or whatever you choose.

Right from the start you will see how patient & professional your instructor is.

Your instructor will co-ordinate the arrangements to suit.

This a once in a life timed event, can you ever capture it again?

*(00:01 is an approx. time – we aim to achieve this however we must ensure we remain within the requirement of the Law in the first instance)

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