Practical Test

Practical Driving Test – watch the video or in British Sign Language BSL

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To take the practical test you must hold a provisional licence and have passed your theory test.

You can book your practical test HERE
The cost is set by the DSA – we do not receive any money for the test fee when booking through our site.

Tests are available Monday to Friday(some test centres do carry out tests.  There is a premium charged for public holidays and weekend tests.
Driving tests have been taking place since 1935 and probably the most common reason for failure is lack of preparation or reluctance to take responsibility, on the day. Listen to your instructor, if you both believe you are ready for test you will be able to manage the situation and deal with the drive effectively!

Often, driving examiners sit quietly during your test so that they don’t distract you. It’s their job to watch and assess your driving. Their supervisor may also sit in the back of the car too.

Your test will last for about 40 minutes and include different types of road

At the end of the test the examiner will tell you the result and briefly discuss his thoughts.s and a reversing manoeuvre.

One in three tests will also include the emergency stop exercise. The independent driving element will last for around ten minutes. This may consist of following signs or a series of directions from a template.