What is included.


Professional Service
we will provide a professional and respectful service


Qualified Driving Instructor
Great Driving Lessons conducted by a fully qualified driving instructor in your local area


Automatic or Manual
the choice of learning in ether a Automatic or Manual Motor vehicle


Intensive Driving Course
we provide a number of intensive driving courses, to accelerate our students readiness for the driving test


we can provide contacts for student insurance for when you pass your driving test and as well as a Provisional Licence holder


Advice & Support
we provide advice and support you from day one right up to the exam date

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to be ready for the driving exam:
everyone’s progression is different but we suggest a purchase of booking a block of lessons at a time

Block Booking or Intensive Driving Course:
you can book a Intensive driving course at any time, but we suggest only booking an intensive driving course after doing a block of lessons 

Manual or Automatic:
Manual or Automatic it does not matter, some will prefer automatic as its all they intend to drive, however those who pass with a manual can also drive an automatic, but if you pass on a automatic you can not legally drive a manual